WHEAT – Triticum vulgare

Wheat is grown on more land area worldwide than any other crop. It is believed to have originated in south-western Asia and is among the world’s oldest and most important cultivated grains. Some of the earliest remains of the crop have been found in Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. Primitive relatives of present day wheat have been discovered in some of the oldest excavations of the world in eastern Iraq, which date back 9,000 years. According to ancient traditions, gods revealed in humans the cultivation of wheat; Isis in Egypt, God of Israel to the Jews, Demeter in Athens. That is why the first harvest is offered to gods in gratitude.

Wheat is rich in proteins, oligosaccharides and amino acids.

It has antioxidant properties and helps nourish and moisturize the skin.

Substantive to hair and skin, penetrates into the hair cuticle and all areas of the cortex.

Acts as moisture regulator; resists moisture at high humidity and binds moisture at low humidity.

Improves hair elasticity.

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