SAGE – Salvia officinalis
This plant is native to the Mediterranean region and regions of Southern Europe. Different species grow as wild in all over the world. Widely it is grown in European and Balkan countries to achieve the  essential oil. Good taste and curative properties of sage tea makes it desirable for consumers in many countries. The name Sage (Salvia Officinalis) is derived  from latin word that means  “for treatment” or “savior”. Initially it had been used as  preservative substance in Ancient Greece. Moreover it was also believed that the plant strengthened memory. Pliny prescribed it for patients against  snake bites, epilepsy, intestinal worms and breast diseases. Dioscorides recommended as a diuretic and a bandage for wounds. Arab physicians suggested sage for a healthy lifestyle. Hippocrates used against gynecological ailments and pneumonia.
Sage stimulates hair growth, makes hair strong and shiny.

It is used to protect the health of the hair and scalp for its antibacterial properties. Nevertheless sage is used in mouthwash and rinse with water.

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