ROSEMARY – Rosmarinus officinalis

Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is a characteristic plant of the Greek flora. It is also found around the world and is a valuable food source for the honey bee.

The name “Romains” comes from the Latin words “roes + marines” meaning “dew of the sea”, as it grows by the sea. Extensively used since 500 BC in ancient Greece. Since ancient years, it was a symbol of beauty and euphoria, elixir of youth for the Mediterranean countries. Ancient Greeks regarded it as a gift of goddess Venus to humans and decorated statues of Gods with it. Romans, during religious rituals, were always holding a branch of rosemary, because they considered that it ensured blessed life and peace after death. For Christianity, it was regarded as holy plant with which performed benedictions of the waters.

Rosemary offers antioxidant and toning properties for the hair. Tones the mind, helps reduce headaches and mental tiredness.

Rosemary has antioxidant and toning properties.

It is used in hair care products as it effectively stimulates the hair follicle growth and prevents premature baldness due to flavonoid diosmin.

It is also considered an effective remedy for the control of scurf and dandruff.

Helps detoxification and can be used to treat cellulite, because it stimulates the circulation and the metabolism.

The essential oil due to its stimulating action, can help to combat sleepiness and mental fatigue.

Brings quick relief to headaches caused by overwork and nervous tension.

Can be used on massaging to relieve muscular pains.

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