About us
ECEM (EJEM) Natural Cosmetic Personal Care and Health Care products was established in 2001 by Ayhan Erjan in Istanbul.
Purpose of the Establishment: To produce qualitative products in sphere of cosmetic industry and personal care that harmless for human and environment and to meet the customer needs.
All laboratory and instrumental analysis of raw-materials, semi-finished and finished products of our factory are tested by qualified specialists in our laboratories equipped with modern measuring instruments, such as instruments for measuring of physical and chemical characteristics of products and also in the laboratories of microbiological analysis.
Products are produced under the control of specialists in modern conditions and complete hygiene within the GMP rules and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
At many points starting from organization system ending with customer needs satisfaction, from internal control to external design, from buying up to selling, control systems regulates our conditions.
The main considered topics in ECEM (EJEM) Natural Cosmetic are researching of hidden gifts of nature.
The structure is open for innovations in cosmetic industry, growing day by day with its investments R&D as a company that appreciates human health and as a company where the safety of environment is highly considered.

Policy of Quality
Our manufacture system is the possessor of the international certificate of quality control systems TSE EN ISO 9001-2008.
Provide high level satisfaction, and also meet domestic and overseas customers’ expectations and demands.
Meet the requirements of quality management system and increase the efficiency of uninterrupted growth of production.
Timely providing customers wıth products in wanted quantity and in affordable price.
Ensure necessary training for our loyal, responsible, disciplined, respectful personnel.
Consider each person who is interesting in us as an element of a single system.
Become one of the persistently developing companies, leading in its branch and take care about environment.